Arepitas Dulces con Anís




In a small sauce pan place the water along with the panela and aniseed, cook stirring constantly until getting a thick syrup consistency.

Set aside and let cool down to room temperature.

Mix corn meal with flour, a pinch of salt, powder milk, baking powder and sugar.

Then add the oil and the syrup slowly while kneading until the dough is consistent but soft and not stick to your hands.

Flatten a portion of the dough between two pieces of kitchen foil to around 1/4 cm thick (help yourself with the rolling pin).

With help of a round cutter (the size of your choice) (we used a round cookie cutter). Cut out small circles (arepitas).

Repeat the process with the rest of the dough

(The arepas must be
very thin) fry in hot oil (few at the time). When browned flip it, take it out, drain the oil and let cool slightly before eating.

Remember that the trick is that the arepas are very very thin so that they inflate during the frying.