In a bowl soften the magarine and add the oil to it.

In the same bowl sift together the flour, yeast, baking powder, lemon zest and the vanilla sugar and mix until it's uniform.

In a small sauce pan heat up (without boiling) the milk with the sugar.

Add the eggs to the bowl and knead until it's homogenious.

Add the milk mixture to the dough and knead until getting an uniform dough.

Cover the bowl with kitchen foil and let it rise on a warm place for 2 hours.

After that time roll out the dough until 1 cm thick, cut circles from 7 cm in diameter.

In the middle of each circle lay 1 tsp of marmelade, roll until getting a ball.

Lay the balls on a previously greased baking ring next to each other.

Let it rise covered with kitchen foil for 1 hour.

Brush the loaf with 1 egg and bake in a previously pre heated oven at 180°C  for 30 minutes.

Once it's cool down dust the bread with powder sugar.