Chicken Mozambique




Dissolve the tamarind paste in boiling water to make a smooth puree, adding water as needed to reach the consistency of tomato sauce.

In a bowl, mix the tamarind puree, white wine, hot pepper sauce, sazón goya and the beer.

Pour the marinade over the chicken, mix well and let it marinate for at least two hours or better overnight.

In a large frying pan, brown the onions, parsley and the scallions in the butter. Add the garlic and mix well.

Add the chicken pieces (along with the marinade) to the pan and cook stirring constantly until the chicken is cooked through and the liquid amount is halved.

Add the olives and chourico and cook until the chourico is done.

Prepare the rice following the instructions in the package.

Prepare the french fries following the instructions in the bag.

Place rice on a plate, put the french fries over the rice and add the chicken mozambique with juice on top.