Cookies Filled with Strawberry Jam




Sieve the flour on a working surface and make a hole in the middle.

Add in the hole the egg-yolk, the sugar, the vanilla-sugar, the salt, the lemon skin and the buter.

Knead the mix until obtaining a homogeneous pastry.

Roll the pastry in the cling film and let it on the fridge for one hour.

Extend the pastry until its quiet fine on the worktop covered with flour, then cut it  with a mold of your own choice.

Then take the half of them to make a hole in the middle.

Pre-heat the oven on 175 degrees, place all the cookies on a oven-plate previously covered with baking-paper.

Bake the cookies for around 8 min. or until they become golden brown.

Let them cool down, add jam to the cookies without a hole in it and cover them then with to cookies with a hole in it.

Strew the powder-sugar over the cookies.

At the end add some extra jam in the hole of the cookie.