Chicken Curry 





Wash the chicken and dry it with kitchenpaper.

Cut the chicken in pieces and add salt and pepper.

Heat up the oil in a frying-pan and fry the chicken until it's golden brown, then the chicken out of the pan and reserve.

Add the onion into the frying-pan (onion cut in stripes) together with the celery and cook them until they're soft.

Add the curry (pound with the garlic and the flour before) move until the mix has absorb all the liquid.

Take the pan of the fire and add the chicken-tea cube with the water into it, little by little

without stopping moving the mix until it's homogeneous.

Now add the chicken and let it cook on low fire, moving from time to time around 15min.

Add the apple (without shell and cut in blocks) and the raisins.

Let it all cook for about 10min.

Serve the curry chicken with the naan bread and garnish it with parsley.