Gratin Macaroni





Cook the macaroni in water with salt, one spoon of oliveoil and the laurel leaf.

When they're (al dente) strain off, cool them down quickly, reserve 1/2 cup from the water where they were cooked.

In the mean while heat up the oil and the margarine in a fry-pan, add the meat and give them some turns, then add the onion and the paprika (both cut in brunoise).

Fry everything on high fire until everything is well done.

After that add the wine and the tomatoes (cut in blocks),mortar the garlic with the parsley and the pepper, add to that 1/2 cup of water which you had reserved from the macaroni.

Mix everything good and add this to the fry-pan with the meat.

Let it cook around 10 min. (until the liquid is almost completly evaporated).

Add the macaroni to the pan with the meat and mix it.

Place in oven fixable bowls the macaroni and decorate them with the cheese and lay them in the oven until the cheese is melted.