Ground Beef Laksa




To serve:


In a wok fry with peanut oil the shallots until golden and crispy, remove them and drain on absorbent towel.

Add the ground beef and cook it through, remove it and set aside.

Sauté the sweet potato in the same way until golden and set it aside.

In the same wok heat the Thai red curry paste with the garlic and crushed lemon grass until fragrant, add the coconut milk.

Then add back the ground beef and the sweet potato together with the vegetable stock, tomato purée and the peas.

Continue to cook over a medium heat until the sweet potato is tender.

In the meanwhile prepare the noodles and arrange them in serving bowls.

Add sugar, fish sauce and fresh lime juice to the Laksa.

Distribute the hot Laksa over the noodles and arrange the julienne vegetables, sprouts, the reserved crispy shallots, coriander and peanuts on top of each.

Serve immediately.