Gulab Jamun



For the Dough (Jamuns):

For the Sugar Syrup:


For the Sugar Syrup:

In a saucepan combine all the ingredients for the syrup and heat for 5 till 10 minutes or until the sugar is dissolved (do not overheat)

For the Dough (Jamuns):

In a bowl, combine the milk powder, flour, baking powder, soda, green cardamom and mix thoroughly.(You can sift this once to catch the coarse nuts or lumps if any).

Next add the butter to the mix and rub between your hands so that the whole flour mix is moistened.

Start adding milk and mixing simultaneously to make a soft dough.

The dough will be quite sticky.Cover the bowl with a cloth & let the dough sit for 5 minutes.

Heat the oil in a frying pan/kadhai on medium heat (we used the deep fryer).

The frying pan should have enough oil to cover the balls completely while deep-frying.

While the oil is heating, with greasy palms pinch the dough into 18-20 equal parts and roll into small, smooth balls.

As far as possible, roll out such that there are no cracks on the balls.This will give the jamuns a smooth look.

The balls will double up after frying & soaking in syrup so do not make big balls. 

Line the balls on a plate & keep covered till ready to fry.

Meanwhile if your sugar syrup is cold or luke warm, put it on stove again so that it warms up.

We want the sugar syrup warm (not hot) when the fried jamuns are tipped into it.

Once warm , transfer the syrup to a bowl big enough to accommodate all the jamuns & keep them soaked. 

Also keep the sugar syrup nearby because the fried jamuns will go straight from frying pan into the syrup.

Once the oil is hot, tip in the rolled jamuns into the oil.

Do not over crowd the pan/kadhai.While frying keep flipping the balls gently for even browning all around.

Fry until the jamuns become golden brown. About 4-6 minutes depending on size.

Once browned,using a strainer, transfer the jamuns straight to the warm sugar syrup.

The jamuns should sit undisturbed in the hot syrup for at least 30 minutes before ready to serve.

Once soaked, serve in bowl with few tablespoons of syrup & nuts/dessicated coconut garnish (we ommited this).