Hallacas y Bollos



For the meat filling (guiso):

For the masa dough:

For the rest:


Place in a large saucepan the hen (cleaned but keeping the skin) with one onion, 2 garlic cloves (completes but without skin), the cilantro (a part of the total, complete, attached

with cooking twine), one onion (complete), 2 liters water and salt.

Let it boil until the hen is cooked through. remove the hen and let it cool down on a dish, reserve.

Sift the liquid (discard the  rest) and keep the bouillon for the masa.

Shred the hen (discard the skin and bones).

In a saucepan , place both meats (pork and beef) (previously browned on a frying pan with a little of annato oil).

Add the onions (finely chopped), paprika (finely chopped), the green onions, the rest of the cilantro (finely chopped), the rest of the garlic (mashed), the leeks,  the pickled

vegetables (finely chopped), the capers, the beef bouillon cubes, salt for tasting  the hen (shredded meat) and water, just enough for covering.

Let it cook until the meat is tender and the liquid reduces.

In a cup mix the masa harina with a little water (just enough for dissolving a little), add this to the saucepan and mix (this helps the liquid to become thick).

In a large bowl mix the hen bouillon with the annato oil (resultant ofcooking with the annato seeds with the oil and then sift it for removing the seeds).

Add the masa harina, papelón and  a pinch of salt, knead until the masa is soft.

Cut the banana leaves in squares and on each one brush a little of annato oil.

Lay a small ball of the dough in the middle of the leaf, spread it, making a thin circle.

Add on top a spoonful of the meat filling, some pieces of hen, some slices of paprika (one of each color), some olives, some raisins, some capers, some onion rings.

Then fold the leaf and tie it with cooking twine. Repeat the process with the rest of the ingredients.

Once you get around the amount of hallacas you like, you can chop finely all the ingredients and add it to the rest of the dough, knead until well mixed.

Take a small amount of this mixture and then make the packing like you have done with the hallacas, these are known as Bollos.

(They're lightly smaller, see last picture, cook exactly like the hallacas).

Cook the hallacas on a large pot with boiling water (enough for covering them) for around 30 minutes, then take all them out of the pot and lay them back on the opposite order

(the ones on the top to the bottom of the pot), let them cook for 30 minutes more.