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American food: Green Fried Tomatoes Brazilian food: Bolo Toalha Felpuda
Indonesian food: Pandan Cake Sri Lankan food: Sri Lankan Patties







Afghan food Albanian food Algerian food American food Andorran food
Angolan food Antiguan and  Barbudan food Argentinian food Armenian food Australian food
Austrian food Azerbaijani food Bahamian food Bahraini food Bajan food
Bangladeshi food Belgian food Belizean food Belorussian food Beninese food
Bhutanese food Bolivian food Bosnian food Botswanan food Brazilian food
British food Bruneian food Bulgarian food Burkinabe food Burmese food
Burundian food Cambodian food Cameroonian food Canadian food Cape Verdean food
Central african food Chadian food Chilean food
hinese food
Colombian food
Comoran food Congolese food Costa Rican food Croatian food    Cuban food
Cyprian food Czech food Danish food Djiboutienne food Dominica food
Dominican food Dutch food Dutch Antillean food Ecuatorian food Egyptian food
Eritrean food Estonian food Ethiopian food Fijian food Finnish food
French food Gabonese food Gambian food German food Georgian food
Ghanaian food Greek food Greenlandic food Grenada food Guam food
Guatemalan food Guinean food Guyanese food Haitian food Hmong food
Honduran food Hungarian food Indian food Indonesian food International food
Iranian food Iraqi food Irish food Israeli food Italian food
Ivoarian food Jamaican food Japanese food Jordanian food Kazakhstan food
Kenyan food Korean food Kuwaiti food Kyrgyz food Latvian food
Laotian food Lebanese food Lesothan food Liberian food Libyan food
Lithuanian food Macedonian food Malagasy food Malasian food Malawian food
Malian food Maltese food Mauritanian food Mauritian food Mexican food
Micronesian food Moldavian food Mongolian food Montenegrin food Moroccan food
Mozambican food Namibian food Nepali food   New Zealand food Nicaraguan food
Nigerian food Nigerien food Norwegian food Omani food Pakistani food
Palestinian food Panamanian food Paraguayan food  Peruvian food  Philippines food
Polish food Portuguese food Puerto Rican food Romanian food Russian food
Rwandan food Salvadoran food Samoan food San Marino food Sao Tomean food
Saudi food Scottish food Senegalese food Serbian food Seychellois food
Sierra Leonean food Singaporean food Slovakian food Slovenian food Somalian food
South African food Spanish food Sri Lankan food St Kitts & Nevis food St Lucia food
St Vincent and the Grenadines food Sudanese food Surinamese food Swazi food Swedish food
Swiss food Syrian food Tajik food Tanzanian food Thai food
Tibetan food Togolese food Trinidadian food Tunisian food Turkish food
Turkmen food Ugandan food Ukrainian food Uruguayan food Uzbek food  
Venezuelan food Vietnamese food Virgin Islands food Western Sahara food Yemeni food
Zambian food Zimbabwean food      



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