Jordanian Chicken Wraps




In a large pan, place the chicken with water, a bay leaf, carrots, coriander, ground pepper and sumac. Cook until done. Strain and save the broth.

Reduce the broth to make about 5 cups and add additional chicken bouillon (optional).

While the chicken is cooking, toast the slivered almonds until lightly brown and fragant (don't let them burn).

Allow the chicken to cool down and shred it.

Sauté the onions in a large skillet with some olive oil until translucent.

Add chicken pieces, coriander, sumac, curry powder, ground pepper and salt. Add 1 or two cups of the broth and mix.

keep adding spices, oil and broth as needed to let the chicken become very soft and moist with a rich yellow color and flecked thoroughly with sumac.

Add the almonds and serve with the tortillas, lavash bread or like we did with turkish bread.