Keshy Yena




With the butter, grease 4 individual oven-proof bowls (from 300 ml capacity each), sprinkle with paprika powder each bowl.

In a large skillet, melt some butter add the beef, onion and garlic. Cook stirring constantly until the onion is translucent and the meat is browned all sides.

Add the peppers and the tomatoes. Cook for around 10 minutes on medium heat. Set aside.

Add the raisins, plumps, olives, capers, ketchup, piccalilly, salt and pepper. Mix well.

Add the beaten eggs and stir it well.

Cover the bottom and sides of each bowl with the half of the cheese slices. Divide the meat mixture between the 4 bowls.

Cover the bowls with the rest of the cheese.

Bake on a previously pre-heated oven at 180°C for 15 minutes.Serve with white rice and boiled plantains.