Khoodra Mafrooka 



For the Gorraasa:


Add the onions and meat to a pan along with the oil. Fry for about 5 minutes.

When all the meat juices have evaporated add 1l water, cover and continue to cook until the meat is tender.

Take out the meat at this point and fry in oil for a few minutes on each side.

Add the spinach and bicarbonate of soda to the broth and cook for 30 minutes.

Allow to blend to a paste (we kept the spinach not letting to become too soft), then place back in the pan, add the garlic and pepper, stir and cook until heated through.

Pour the sauce over the meat (we did the opposite) and serve with Gorraasa.

For the Gorraasa:

In a large bowl sift the flour together with the baking powder and the salt.

Stir in the water and mix until getting a thick batter.

Pour a ladle full of the batter onto a non stick flat frying pan and flatten out until evenly spread.

Fry at medium heat and flip when golden on one side.