For the filling:


Mix the semolina, flour, allspice, sugar and butter together.

Now add the orange blossom water and rose water, kneading and working it into a soft sticky dough.

It’s not supposed to stick to your fingers though. Cover the dough and let it sit 2 hours.

While the dough rests, prepare the fillings.

In a food processor add the filling ingredients just whizzed everything for a minute or two.

Knead dough one more time and then divide the dough into three even quantities.

Roll out each third into a long thin rod like form. Each third will be used for a filling.

Pinch off small lumps off the dough (about 2 cm pieces).

Using the palm of your hand flatten the dough and make sure it is quite thin but not too thin that it will tear.

Place the flatten dough into the mold of choice and add the filling associated to that mold, gently pressing down and make sure it’s quite compact.

Don’t exert too much pressure as you don’t want to tear the dough.

You can use the mold you like for the filling you like but traditionally these molds and their designs have been used as standards so that one can determine the filling.

Bring the edges together and seal well. Now pinch off any excess dough, gently remove from the mold and roll into a ball.

Dip the ball in flour and then press into the mold. Release by tapping the mold on the table to remove the ma’amoul cookie.

(We don't have a mold, so we made small balls 2 cm diameter.

Then with the thumb make a hole, add a small portion of the filling, enclose and make the ball perfectly round again).

Lay in a lined baking tray. Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C until the sides are slightly pinkish in color about 20 minutes.

Leave aside to cool then sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve.