Mandocas Maracuchas




In a large saucepan place the  Panela (or brown sugar) in 6 cups water, cook under low fire until it's completely dissolved.

Remove from the fire and allow to cool.

In a large saucepan with water enough to cover it, boil the  plantain (halved, unpeeled) until it's soft.

Drain and mash, set aside.

When the sugar mixture is room temperature, add it little by little to the cornmeal.

Mix until getting an homegeneous (without any lumps dough).

Then add the mashed plantain and half the cheese and continue kneading until you have all the ingredients together.

To make the mandocas, make dough balls (larger than a lemon but smaller than an orange) and then shaped into ropes.

These ropes join the ends and you have the mandoasc with its characteristic shape (drop-shaped with a hole in the middle) (ours are open).

The seventh cup of water is to be softening the dough by adding water little by little just the neccesary, because they must be strong so as not to absorb too much of the oil while

frying but if the dough is very hard then they will  crack when joining the ends.

Fry in abundant hot oil, first one side then the other until golden brown.

They are eat the other half of the grated cheese, splitting the mandoca with the hands and pressing the pieces the cheese to stick to them.