Mango Kulfi




Mix together the milks and cream. Mix in the pureed mango pulp. Add in the flavorings and the nuts (we ommited the nuts).

Pour in your dixie cups. Once you pour the kulfi mixture in, cover the cups with aluminium foil and pierce a small hole in the foil with the skewers sticks.

Make sure the sticks are straight. Put the cups in the freezer and freeze for atleast 6-8 hours or overnight. 

The Kulfi expands as it freezes. Don’t fill the molds more than two-thirds full.

When ready to serve, remove the moulds from the freezer and just roll them between your hands.

The heat will melt the kulfi a bit and it would be easier to remove the kulfi from the molds.

Serve garnished with some pistachio nuts or with sweetened rose water vermicelli, or just have plain (this is they way we did it).