Oreo Cheesecake




In the food processor, mix the cookies until getting a fine flour. Add to this the melted butter.

Mix all together until well blended.

On a springform, previously lined with baking paper, make with the back of a spoon a flat layer from the bottom mix.

Lay on the fridge and let chill for around 15 minutes.

Beat the whipping cream with the sugar until it is well mounted, add the cheese andmix, keep in the refrigerator.

Bring in a small saucepan 100 ml
milk to a boil, set aside. In a separated bowl, dissolve the 2 envelopes of the gelatine.

ncorporate into the warm milk, whisk until dissolved. Let cool down to room temperature.

Add to the whipping cream mixture and beat until incorporated.

Pour into the prepared springform and refrigerate overnight.

Before serving, crush in the food proccesor the rest of thecookies and put them over the cake.