Pan de Carne Relleno




First bake a French omelette with 4 eggs and a little of salt.

While it's baking add the green onions (finely chopped) to it.

In a bowl mix the hands the chopped onion, the ground beef, the pearsley, the thyme, the cummin, grated cheese, onion soup, one egg and

the Philadelphia.

On kitchen foil lay the slices of ham next to each other, then lay on it the mix of beef.

Then the baby carrots, the French omelette and grated cheese in the amount you like.

With the kitchen foil help yourself to make a roll, remove the foil and lay the roll on aluminium foil.

Enclose the roll on it and lay this the oven (previously preheated at 180 degrees celcius) for around 1 1/2 hour.