Papas Arrugadas Con Mojo Verde



For the Papas Arrugadas:

For the Mojo Verde:


For the Papas Arrugadas:

Carefully wash the potatoes without peeling them but making sure that all the soil is removed from their jackets.

Place the potatoes in a pot along with the salt and add water until the potatoes are just covered completely

Once they are cooked, take out the water and place the pot with the potatoes again on to heat, moving them until they dry up (approximately two minutes).

Remove the pot from the heat and leave it to stand for several minutes wrapped in a cloth.      

To end with, serve them on a tray with the Mojo.

For the Mojo Verde:

Peel and chop up the garlic cloves.

Grind them in a mortar along with the cumin grains, the diced peppers, the chopped coriander and the cooking salt until they blend into a soft paste.

Finally mix it with the oil, vinegar and a little water until you reach the desired consistency.

This sauce will stay fresh and in good condition for several months in the fridge.