Pork-Chop with Applesauce




Add to the pork-chop salt, the garlic powder and the rosemary.

Let them covered on the fridge for around one hour.

Appart prepare the applesauce; adding in a pot the butter until it's melted.

Then add the apple (cut in blocks without shell), the sugar and the lemon juice until the sugar melted completly

(if it becomes too dry add a little of water).

Cook this around five minutes or until the apple becomes tender.

Add the cinamon and if it's too liquid disolve the corn-flour in a little of water and add it to the sauce for giving thickness.

Let it cool-down for around ten minutes before serving.

Appart prepare the ñoquis following the instructions on the package.

At last fry the pork-chop with a little of butter.

Serve all this together.