Pork Loin with Honey and Black-Berries




Wash and dry with kitchen-paper the pork loin.

Place it in a bowl with the wine, vinegar, onion and the carrot (without the skin and cut in blocks).

The celery, the laurel, garlic, salt and pepper.

Let it marinating for 24hrs on the fride covered with kitchen foil.

Take it out off the marinade.

Heat-up the oil in a fry pan and place the meat in it until it's golden brown.

Lay the meat in a pyrex and place it in the oven (pre-heated 200 degrees celcius) during 30 min.

Add the liqued of the marinating and leave it in the oven for another 15 to 20 min.

Take out the meat and lay it appart.

Then take the sauce through a sieve and add it to a pot, add the honey,  vinegar and then mix it .

Add the black-berries and heat it up until it starts to boil, then remove it from the fire.

Serve the meat cut in slices with the sauce and the pasta.