Qaghaq ta' l-Ghase



For the pastry:

For the filling:


For the pastry:

Sieve the flour in a bowl with the semolina. Rub in the butter and pour in the egg yolks and sugar.

Mix and knead well to form a dough. If necessary add some water.

For the filling:

Mix all the ingredients except for the semolina in a saucepan. Bring to the boil slowly and simmer.

Add semolina gradually to the mixture until you get a thick consistency.

It is very important that you keep stirring the mixture constantly. Let the mixture cool down before continuing.

Making the honey rings:

First roll out the pastry thinly. Cut it in rectangles (approx. 20 cms x 8 cms).

Now take some of the filling and place down the middle of the pastry rectangles strips and form into cigar like strips.

Then roll the pastry over the filling and bring the ends together to form a ring. Cut short slits into the pastry at intervals.

While baking, some of the filling will come out of these slits and transform the rings into attractive black and white rings.

Put the rings into a floured baking tray. Bake in a moderate oven (190°) until the pastry is barely coloured (usually takes some 20 minutes).