Roll of Turkey-Breast with Dates and Mushrooms





Wash and dry with kitchenpaper the fillet.

Add salt and pepper to both sides of the fillet.

Lay some pieces of mandarin and some dates on the fillet.

Roll the fillet and attach it with kitchen cord.

Fry them in a fry-pan with moderate fire and a little of oliveoil until they become golden brown outside and bake inside (around 10min.).

Take them out of the pan and reserve.

In the pan where we baked the fillets we fry the garlic until it's golden brown.

Then we add the mushrooms, some dates and the rest of the mandarin.

After a min.add the white wine and let them cook until the mushrooms are well done.

Prepare the dish with the roll of turkey-breast fillet covered with the sauce ( result from the mushrooms, dates and mandarins).