Rotolo alla Nutella




For the pastry:

For the filling:

For the decoration:


Mix the flour with the salt, the sugar, the yeast and the butter.

Incorporate to it the liquid ingredients and knead it until all the ingredients are blended and you can make with it a ball.

Place it in a bowl and cover it with kitchen-foil and leave it in a warm place during two hours.

Stretch the pastry with a doughroller until getting a rectangle shape from a 1/2cm thick.

Add the nutella and spread it over the pastry without arriving to the borders.

Roll the pastry unitl getting a complete roll, then make a circle from it and let it for two hours rise.

Mix the egg with the sugar and add it over the roll.

Decorate with the cherry and the almonds the roll.

Place the roll in the pre-heated oven on 180 degrees and let it there around 40min or until it's golden brown.