For decoration:


Melt the butter on the microwave and add the milk to it, it must have around 37 degrees celcius.

Add the yeast and let it melt on the butter and milk mix.

Add both kinds of sugar, the eggs and the flour, knead this all until this becomes an homogeneous pastry.

Let it rise for two hours in a bowl covered with kitchen-foil and a towel.

Add flour to a working surface and knead the pastry for some minutes, divide the pastry in 24 small balls.

With each ball form first a cylindrical line from around 30cm, then bend it halfway (U-shape).

Then twist the pastry and finally make a knot from it.

Place them on a bakingdish (covered with bakingpaper) and let them rise two hours covered with a towel.

Pre-heat the oven at 250 degrees celcius and bake the breads during 5 minutes.

After taking them out of the oven and being still warm, paint them with the melted butter and strew them with sugar.