Spicy Macaroni




Remove the skin and chop the garlic and the onion, clean the mushrooms and cut them in slices.

Cut the chili-pepper, cut also the sausage in slices,the cut the artichoke-hearts in quarters.

Heat-up the oil and add the garlic and the onion and let it cook until the onion is transparent.

Add the mushrooms and the chili-pepper together with the sausage, let this all cook for some minutes.

Add the tomatoes, the artichoke-hearts and the tabasco, let it cook again for around 15 min.

In the meanwhile cook the macaroni in water with salt until they're "al dente".

String off the macaroni and add it to a bowl, add to it the sauce prepared, the olive and the basil.

Mix this all together and garnish with the parmigiano-reggiano.