Trenzón de Ajonjoli




In a bowl, make a hole in the flour.

Inside the hole, put the eggs and sugar, around the hole, the yeast and salt. 

Start mixing the ingredients in the middle, gradually taking more flour and pouring in the milk.

The dough should be soft and elastic. mix in the toasted sesame seeds, knead until getting an uniform dough.

Cover and leave it raising for about 2 hours.

Cut the dough in 16 parts and roll to 40 cm long sticks (we only divided it in three pieces).

Divide the sticks in four groups of four. take the group on the right side and pass it above the group next to it.

Do not let it go and pass it below the next group and above the last group again.

Take the sticks that are on the right side and do the same thing...above, below, above.

When you are done, leave the bread on a warm place to double its size.

After that, brush it with egg and sprinkle with more sesame seeds (we ommited this).

Bake it for 25 minutes in a previously preheated oven at 180 °C.