Turkey-Breast Filled with Pineapple





Wash and dry with kitchen-paper the turkey-breast.

Make a deep cut in the length open, but not completly through because it have to stay one piece.

Place half a slice op pineapple in the cut of the turkey and with some toothpicks enclose the pineapple between the meat.

Add salt and pepper to all the sides of the turkey.

Cut the onion and the garlic (both cut in brunoise).

Heat-up the oil in a fry-pan and fry the turkey-breast until it's golden brown at all the sides.

Add to this the onion and the garlic and follow cooking for around 10 min. , add the rest of the ingredients except the pineapple which is left.

Cook all this with a cover on the fry-pan for around 40 min. , add the pineapple (cut in blocks) and finish the cook.

Take out the turkey from the fry-pan and mix with the (multi quick) the rest of the ingredients until they become an uniform sauce.

Serve the turkey-breast with the sauce and some pineapple slices for decoration.